Religious activity in the Ancient Mediterranean.

Apr 2019
There is no doubt that there was a multitude of different beliefs and individual Gods (and Heroes) among the many cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. Many similarities exist between the beliefs of certain cultures and societies. Syncretism also occurred at certain times and places. Using a time frame from the Neolithic to the fall of Rome in 476 CE (a convenient date) and a loose definition of the Mediterranean world (if you have an example that doesn't seem to be Mediterranean you can give a reason for it's inclusion), it would be interesting to know about any of the following questions:

What Gods or cults were significant during this time frame and which cities were connected with them?
What major festivals and cults generated or benefited from economic activities around the time of their celebrations?
Did Phoenicians sacrifice at Greek temples or vice versa etc.?
If you know of any unusual or strange/funny practices please share them.....