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Sep 2018
Religious History
Historum was created for the discussion of history, and our community is comprised of diverse thinkers and believers. While some may perceive the discussion of religious issues as too contentious or controversial, we encourage the opportunity for rich, intellectual exchange. Cross-cultural, religious dialogue is welcome for all religious discussions and belief systems. Proselytizing is strongly discouraged and will not be allowed.

History Chamber Guidelines
The History Chamber is intended to house highly controversial and emotionally charged discussions. In the interest of maintaining civility and emotional anger, the community will always be expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times. The following is prohibited throughout the History Chamber, whether you're expressing anger or attempting to incite anger in others, and will be strictly enforced: shouting, swearing, teasing, baiting, sarcasm, ridicule, sardonic humor, ad hominem attacks, etc.
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