Remaining mysteries of WWII

Aug 2006
Commander said:
In your opinion, what are the top three remaining mysteries or questions left to be answered about WWII?
There are many "what if's" above already, so I'll stick to the OP.

1. Did Churchill know about the japanese intention to bomb Pearl Harbour?

2. Why did Rudolf Hess land in Britain, May 1941?

3. Was the RAF & USAAF's blasting of Dresden (and other German cities ie. Hamburg) a "war crime"?
Jul 2006
1. What happened to Flight 19? they were a fighter group coming back from a rade and they had to go through the "Bermuda Triangle" and the planes were never seen again.

2. did hitler really kill himself..

3. what was the connection between IMB and the not-sees (lol nazis)