Remake of I Claudius

paranoid marvin

Ad Honorem
Aug 2015
Caligula was a young man who everyone thought was a going to be a wonderful emperor, but who turned out... not to be. An partially mad/bad version of Harry Potter is not necessarily dissimilar to how the original Caligula turned out to be.
Feb 2011
Whilst I've been a huge fan of the original production since first watching it in 1976 and 77, there's no reason why someone else shouldn't be able to make an entertaining and faithful production, so I await with interest.

The original was clearly produced on a shoestring and was faithful to the book, but consisted wholly of dialogue 'inside', mostly palace based. All of the location action in the book was referred to but otherwise not shown. The acting performances were so magnificent however, that the production remain a tour de force vivid in the imagination to this day.

Whilst it will still be essential to see strong characterisations and performances from the main case especially - and one hopes the production remains faithful to the books as well as to historical accuracy and appearances (provided the two are not incompatible in context) - there is clearly a lot of room for a modern version to 'score' if budget permits.

I would like to see the following episodes from the book in the modern version

-Actium, or a scene of it.
- There are a number of gladiatorial arena scenes
-Teutoberger Wald
-Battles with Arminius
-Claudius in Britain with Elephants and Camels.