Remembering the fall of the Berlin wall 9. November 1989

Sep 2019
The Berlin Wall was more than 140 kilometres long. The reason for building the wall was because people were fleeing totalitarian communist regime of East Germany. It was also a simbol of divided Europe. On 13 August 1961, the border with West Berlin was closed. East German troops and some workers had begun to tear up streets running alongside the border to make them impassable to most vehicles and to install barbed wire entanglements and fences along the 156 kilometres around the three western sectors, and the 43 kilometres that divided West and East Berlin. During the construction of the Wall, East Germany military and so called Combat groups of working class soldiers stood in front of it with orders to shoot anyone who attempted to defect. Additionally, chain fences, walls, minefields and other obstacles were installed along the length of East Germany's western border with West Germany proper.

Schießbefehl or order to fire recommended guards use firearms to stop unauthorised border crossings in the direction of West Germny and procedure to conceal incidents from the public. According to East German secret political police or Stasi documentation, 916 people were killed while attempting to cross over the border from east to west. Not just at the Berlin wall but across all of the border. The longtime leadet and dictator of East Germany Erich Honecker had predicted even in January 1989 that the Wall would stand for 50 or 100 more years.

The evening of 9 November 1989 is known as the night the Wall came down.

Good documentary about the Berlin wall.

Falling of the wall

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Remember, the wall came down on November 9th because Gunter Schabowski didn't read his briefing note about the new East German travel regulations before speaking to the media.

Let this be a lesson: always check your notes.
Dec 2017

Figured I would add some personal pictures of the wall and also a cool museum they have in Berlin for Checkpoint Charlie.
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Sep 2019
Story connected with Berlin wall and border shootings is also story about killings on Czechoslovakia border. Platform of European Memory and Conscience, a group that pushes for the punishment of perpetrators of communist-era crimes, filed its criminal complaint with the German Federal Prosecutor General in relation to the murder of five East German citizens who were killed by border guards trying to escape from communist Czechoslovakia. 240 people trying to escape communist regimes were killed by Czech communists on borders of Czechoslovakia.

In Germany the killing of people on the inner-German border was established by German courts as an imprescriptible crime, namely as murder for base motives. The trials of those responsible resulted in the sentencing of about 150 perpetrators in the entire chain of command.


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Sep 2012

Figured I would add some personal pictures of the wall and also a cool museum they have in Berlin for Checkpoint Charlie.
I saw the 'i' letter on the flag with comrade Lenin /one of pictures in post #4/ and said to myself. what a sec this is not Russian, this looks like Ukrainian alphabet. I checked and the first sentence above Ulianov's head is 'Пролетарі всіх країн, єднайтеся!' translation from Ukrainian literally 'Proletarians of all countries, unite!' most famous rallying cry from the Karl Marx' Manifesto. I find it quite odd, it obviously belonged to Ukrainian communists and their Russian comrades were ok with it/ the language etc. There are a plaque with inscription on the flag and it is written in different languages 'Under this flag the crimes were committed' what the?!?