Remembering the fallen...


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Jun 2006
Thanks for the praise but it should go to my friend Niall Ferguson who knows a bit about this stuff.
Something which i don't fully understand myself is the high casualties suffered by the Scots compared to the rest of the UK. The total killed as a percentage of those mobilised for the Scots was 26.4% compared to 11.8% for Britain as a whole, so why are the Scots dying at twice the rate? Were they more gung ho? or were they considered more expendable? Mabye you can shed some light here.:)
Not seen this breakdown before. I assume it's from "The Pity of War"? I've not read the book but does Ferguson postulate any theory about this?


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Apr 2008
Sodom and Begorrah
None that I recall but its a while since I read it fully. It comes from a table of stats in the book. The Serbs followed by the Turks were the only countries that suffered higher casualty rates than the Scots.