Reparations for American Blacks

Apr 2017
Well you did say that there should be "exclusively black businesses".
ideally it should be exclusively black businesses as black businesses should provide employment to local blacks (family run businesses for example), which may not be the case if say an Indian opens a store in a black neighbourhood or Walmart paying very low salaries. It will create resentment as well. But I'm not advocating for the boycott of businesses of other ethnicity. But ideally you want to set strong local businesses then attract other businesses of other group to fill a market niche. Everyone benefits this way. Not just blacks. Even whites can follow this model instead of letting big corporations monopolizing everything.

They need a foundation and then a transition to a more liberal approach. As of now they have no cohesion.
Feb 2019
No, why should I pay with my money for something that my ancestors didn't even do as my country never really had enslaved blacks. And even if it did it makes no sense that the present generation that did not enslave anyone pay money to people that are not and were not enslaved in their lives. By this logic I should demand reparations from the state of Germany because my great grandfather was killed in WW2.

There is discrimination against blacks even today but losing your mind about something some white person did in the 1600s and paying money for something you yourself didn't do to people that were born long after slavery ended makes no sense at all. Such an idea of reparations would make sense after a scenario such as the ACW where there were many former slaves that were set free but now it is simply insane to pay for crimes that no one in your lifetime committed and no one in your lifetime suffered under.
Oct 2012
Bit off topic, but I do find the whole US race thing rather confusing. "African-Americans" I kind of get but not quite. Who are considered to be "people of colour"? Who are "Latinx"?


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Jul 2015
A really dumb idea. I didn't own a slave, you weren't a slave or vice versa.


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Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
What about black people who are NOT the descendants of slaves, e.g. recent immigrants to the US? Are they entitled to compensation too?
Aug 2011
The Castle Anthrax
When I first heard tell of this I thought it was grandiose. However, with the surging interest in genealogy, and now genealogy supported with DNA, I'm beginning to believe this is a thing. If not through legislation, then litigation for sure. In fact, I think Georgetown University is holding it's collective breath while trying to remain off the reparations radar.


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Jan 2014
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I don't think it can work. There are too many complex issues to deal with, and the precedent it sets could really spark a powder-keg that could sour relations everywhere. It could end up being a terrible idea that backfires too even if somehow implemented.


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Aug 2010
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It's nonsense because you are taking money from people who have not been directly responsible for an evil to give it to people who are not directly the victims of that evil. If people have been subjected to mistreatment in the past, their descendants might indeed deserve special consideration in some ways, but this is merely crass politics. Aftre all, what percentage of white people in the USA nowadays are even descended from slave-holders or their associates?