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Mar 2013
Breakdancing on the Moon.
Fair enough. I'd say if you can't, you really can't survive in a fields like Classics though. I don't even know how many languages I used to have to use. I just opened one of my favourite essays from my UG up and whilst the essay itself referenced Greek (65% or so), Latin, Sanskrit, later Indo-Aryan languages, Old Persian and Akkadian, the bibliography was almost as diverse (English single largest at 45% or so, German, Italian, French, Latin, Modern Greek, one Russian article).

Honestly, I hate languages and if it wasn't for the brute method I'd be nowhere with e.g German. Hate German, never speak it, had to read it extensively throughout uni.

BTW, that kind of stuff is for generic Classical studies, OBVIOUSLY as you head into graduate study and hyper focus on your topic your language needs will change. I never once had to cite Spanish or Russian as a graduate student. Only read like...4/5 books in Italian. A friend of mine almost exclusively cites (modern) Greek and Russian for e.g.

If I had to go back to uni and do it all again, I would try to seriously cut down on language work.