Respect for France Thread

Sep 2016
As someone of French Descent I love this thread. I think we're a pretty cultured country. With all of our arts, and foods and music. And then of course our history. Like French Rev. and Mary Of Scots being our queen consort in the 16th century. :cool::cool::cool::freeze::freeze::freeze:
Why would you be proud of Mary of Scots ? She was barely a queen and than returned to Scotland. Catherine de Medici is the one who should get your attention, if we are talking about women of France in 16th century.
For example, another one is Anne of France or Anne de Beaujeu. Who was the eldest daughter of Louis XI and regent during minority of Charles VIII. One of the most powerful and intelligent women of her time.
Jun 2017
How? They seem pretty big to me. Or are they not quite as big as maps would have us believe?
Exactly. They are gigantic and most of that area is entirely empty(especially in the period being referenced) and no UK(or any other) presence is there except by claim. Thus the size of the British Empire is massively inflated because Canada by itself is larger than almost every empire discussed on this forum and Australia is gigantic as well. The UK's 3-1+ advantage over the French in colonial empire in size is heavily skewed towards the British and is a misleading way to describe the size of their empire's. Just want to make sure I make clear that I still believe the UK's colonial empire was still the biggest and most impressive just that I think it's overrated when you look at through the lends of pure size as is often done.
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