Restrictions placed on Jews in colonial America

Jun 2017
I need at least three civic or professional restrictions placed on Jews in colonial america.


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Jan 2007
If it were me, I would just google "civic or professional restrictions placed on Jews in colonial America."

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Feb 2015
Or Wiki pg. History of Jews in Colonial America
Apparently there was one at Jamestown, and 40 years later another one in Boston.

I do know that Jews were suppressed/exiled by Edward Loansharks, and readmitted by Cromwell. So, I guess that restriction would have applied to the entire empire.


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Jul 2011
In 17th century Virginia, by law you had to attend Anglican services once a month. It may have been difficult in Massachusetts or Connecticut if you were not Congregationalists. Early Jewish congregations were in colonies that were relatively open about religious diversity, such as Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and South Carolina.

Jews generally could not vote. They also generally could not serve in the militia, but had to pay an extra tax instead. Most of these were similar to restrictions and Britain and Europe.