Revolutionary war sources?

Jun 2014
Hello my friends! I'm writing a college essay and am in need of some sources to use! My topic is an argument talking about the tactics the revolutionaries used to win the war. The guerrilla tactics In particular. Anything would help. Thanks!!:D


Ad Honorem
Dec 2011
I think an interesting subject would be to compare the tactics used by Thomas Sumter at the Battle of Blackstock's Plantation to those used by Daniel Morgan at Cowpens. Morgan is generally considered near genius for his use of militia and three lines but, did he actually get that idea from Thomas Sumter's battle? I might be able to lend a hand but you should go Private Message.
Sep 2014
I can recommend Invisible Armies by Max Boot. It is not exclusive to the American Revolution, there is some good information on it.

I have not read it - but I suspect Ethan Allen: His Life and Times by Willard Sterne Randall might also be useful - as the Green Mountain Boys utilized guerrilla warfare quite a bit during the Revolutionary era.

Best of luck.