RICHARD PEARSE - First Man to Fly a Mechanically Powered Aeroplane?

Dec 2010
Pearse is recognised as the first man in New Zealand to lift off from the ground flying his home built powered aircraft.

His achievements and the flights made in 1902/1903 at Waitohi in New Zealand have little or no similarity to the well-documented flights which took place by the Wright Borthers at Kitty Hawk on the 17th December 1903.

Pearse must be the first and the only aviator who had at that time designed his own unique internal combustion engine; and designed his own aircraft (pre-dating the microlight by about seventy years).

He built both the engine and aircraft in his secluded elementary workshop with minimal assistance, enabling him to make a number of flights piloting the aircraft himself.

From eye-witness reports, the lengths of his flights have been estimated to have varied between 50ft. and 400/500 yards.

The aircraft pictured below is a replica.

Here is a web page that discusses this remarkable man and his achievements.


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Apr 2008
There are a lot a reports of people flying before the wright brothers. Often several times, in front of crowds of people and with witness accounts from people with no reason to lie. What makes the wright brothers unique is not that they built a flying machine, but that they had the good sense to film it.


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Sep 2010
Not all surprised.

I also seems plausible that Alexander Bell stole the telephone from the real inventor Elisha Gray.

I won't even start on those two cunning crooks Tom Edison and Bill Gates.

Life can seem very unfair,when in fact it's simply indifferent.:suspicious:

Ironically in 2001 the United States Congress passed a 'resolution' stating that given all the facts of the patent disputes between Gray and Bell, under no terms could Alexander Graham Bell have been awarded the patent for the telephone by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1876

Read more: - Who invented the telephone

Elisha Gray (August 2, 1835 – January 21, 1901) was an American electrical engineer who co-founded the Western Electric Manufacturing Company. Gray is best known for his development of a telephone prototype in 1876 in Highland Park, Illinois and is considered by some writers[1] to be the true inventor of the variable resistance telephone, despite losing out to Alexander Graham Bell for the telephone patent.
[ame=]Elisha Gray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]


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Apr 2010
Perth, Western Australia. or....hickville.
The Wright Brothers filmed theirs. Also the Wright Brothers are considered the first to actually come up with the idea of combining everything that was known about how to control an aircraft into one plane. Pitch (elevator flaps), Yaw (rudder) and Bank (airlerons).
The Wright Flyer (or subsequent versions) went on to fly successfully for extended periods of time, despite it's faults.

This imo makes their position in Aviation hitsory legitimate.