Rigveda on Conquest of India by Vedic Aryans.

Jun 2019
It is a lovely romantic hymn sung by Rishi Vishwamitra. He prays to Vipāś (Beas) River and Sutudri (Sutlej) River to reduce water-level to below the height of cart-axles enabling the Bhaaratas to cross the rivers. In return, the rivers ask him, the poet, not to forget them so that posterity will remember them for allowing the passage.
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That's interesting, do you make difference between vedic period and hinduism?
After all, as far as I understand, Rishi Vishwamitra is postvedic person, he lives after that period, so, he could not be the author of the hymn

what's the catch?


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Dec 2014
thank you for your time rajeev, i wanted to know your opinion regarding my interpretation of Rigveda and book 3 bofore i post anything else here. and i agree that i need to expand my knowledge of rigveda by studying other books as well, and i have studied book 7 of vashistha family as well but only in birds eye view as they are listed as our rival family.

most of Kshatriyas are in fact original tribesmen or warriors of Vedic tribes that colonized India like Brahmins, huns,kushans, greeks, scythins etc came as tiny elite communities and might got absorbed into Kshatriya field but they were not able to impact kshatriya communities that much. are you a kshatriya ? if you dont mind can you tell me your tribe/gotra ? i might find something interesting about your bloodline that is even unknown to you. :)

witzel is good and i have studied some of this meterial on Rigveda but i have to say that he tribes hard to solve puzzles but speculating instead of searching for concrete evidences, i will tell you more about him on battle of 10 kings thread that you linked here.

well sir i dont know much about generation to be honest but i can say that Vishwamitra was son of Gathin/Gathina not Gadhi, Gadhi is puranic invention like king bharat. you are right about Sudas but it wasnt anyother rishi of vishwamitra gotra as Vishwamitra himself was born as member of nobel family, his grand father kushik and father gathin were royal priests/Purohits of grandfather and father of King sudas as well so we have no doubt that it was OG vishwamitra who served to King Sudas.sons of OG Vishwamitra such as saint Madhuchannndan are also mentioned in the book.
There is Madhucchandas, the son of VishwAmitra, no Madhucchandan in Rig Veda.
May 2019
It is Maghavan, not meghvahan. I'm sure you haven't read a line properly.
meghavan/megh-vahan means one who uses dark rainy clouds as vehicle.

as English say, why dont you piss off from this thread because you have nothing to contribute beside trolling ? maybe comeback later when you learn something, i suggest you to use burnol in case burn is too high.


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Apr 2015
i have given source in my blog post that you said yesterday that you didn't read.


you look into others work while i look into original source that my ancestors wrote and left for me.

kikata was in southern punjab region in early vedic age, most-likely my ancestor kicked it so hard it landed in eastern bihar lol.

image from my blog, this also proves that most of Indus valley people at those times either got absorbed into these tribes as Sudras or forced to migrate to eastern and southern india by Vedic tribes.
The map you posted for Vedic kingdoms is the map of Cemetery H culture(Last phase of Indus valley civilization), also the Rigvedic Saraswati dried in 2000-1900BC, not Vedas but only the later Hindu texts like Mahabharata talks about drying of Saraswati, how can there be Aryan invasion in 1700-1500BC.

This Aryan invasion is infact is very dubious, the archaeology actually supports, post 1900 BC people abandoning Indus valley sites in Punjab and creating new settlements in doab of Ganges-Yamuna river which was much more fertile. The greater Indo-Gangetic culture was started by the settlers of Indus valley civilization.


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Apr 2015
I have heard, that archeologists not have found any proofs of conquest. There is no dеstructions of the buildings and so on
Mortimer Wheeler actually found some graves which he claimed as the people killed by Aryan invaders but later carbon dating on them proved that these people died in distant period of the history and not the victim of any mass massacre.
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