Rohilla Rajputs?

Sep 2018
According to Iqbal Hussain, in his research book "Rise of Ruhela chieftainciess",.... in the armies of Afghans i.e Rohillas, Katehria Rajputs were also enlisted as well as Hindus of kumaon.

I am sure those Hindu subordinates of Rohillas stared calling themselves Rohilla after their masters

yes you are right, I have got some information for you regarding the same topic.

they are called rohilla because they came from mountains, from afganistan mountain to himachal pradesh. They passed rohtaang pass of himachal pradesh and other high hills. This was the reason they were called rohilla ( a climber )

rohilla rajputs are from clan of Bharat ( Lord Rama's ) younger brother bharat, had two sons. from here kath, katheriya, kathaariye, katheda etc came.

They went to india between 6th or 7th century BC. They named their ruling place as kather / rohillkhand, and after centuries rajput brave fighters were given a TITLE 'Rohilla'.

This title you will find in all 36 Rajputs clan, Rohilla rajputs are not only a single clan, They are found in all 36 rajputs clan. Because Rohilla title was given to those fighters who always used to win war. Or if they loose they will collect their power again and will fight back to grab their ruling place back. Muslims could never completely win from kathariya's / Rohillas.

Kather or Rohillkhand is the are that was always at war, and almost all muslims dynasties attacked this place.

In a book "prithvi raj raaso", written by chandbardai Prithviraj chohan's best friend. Also mention this Rohilla clan by their old name kathariya and rohilla, Somewhere in his book.

i have got a small reference for you about rohilla rajputs in a book written by.

Singh, K. S. (1998) (hindi में). People of India: Rajasthan. Popular Prakashan. पृ॰ 823. आई॰ऍस॰बी॰ऍन॰ 978-81-7154-769-2

read just a few lines or complete targeted page of this book.

here is a complete book written about Rohilla Rajput written by K.C. Sen

Rohilla ford can be found in Uttar Pradesh of India.

Rampur of uttar pradesh was originally established, Rohilla king ( Raja Ram Shaahi / Shah )

Baans barelly used to be their place, Baans and baral were also two kings of rohilla rajputs.

Somewhere in a book i read, After war with puru, Sikandar attacked kather region and he was defeated by kathariyas. But somehow he could not be killed by them, I think book name is "Rohille kShatriye ka karambadh itihaas"

here is an interested video about kather region, very well spoken by Mr. muin shamshi

here is another video create by Mr. muin shamshi

it explain all the muslims attacks by dates at kather region

Muslims Rohillas came india in 17th Centuries. It proves Katheriya / Rohilla Rajputs were the peoples who ruled rohillkhand
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Dec 2018
What is their history?

I am talking about this clan.

Rohilkhand got its name from Afghans settlers who came from "Roh", the medieval name for mountainous abode of Pashtuns. Its old name was Ketehr not Rohilkhand. The First Afghans who were called ''Rohilla" were from Daudzai tribe, whose chiefs were mansabdars of Mughals and were given lands in Rohilkhand as Jagir by ShahJahan after the revolt of Katehria Rajputs. These Daudzai chiefs, Bahadur Khan, Darya Khan, Diler Khan, Kamaludin Khan etc are titled Rohilla in the Mughal sources. Mughal policy was to counter-balance Rajput threat with Afghans in this region.

These Katehria Rajputs belonged to Bachal, Gaur, Chauhan and Rathore clans. But where were these Rohilla Rajputs? or Ketehria Rajputs renamed themselves to Rohilla-Rajputs?.
rajputs from that part of the region are mostly called Bais Rajputs.

Bais Rajputs are considered part of Solar race and they are largest Rajput clan in India, famous Isa Khan of Bengal was also a bais Rajput.
Jul 2017
Roh, variously, Peshawar, mountaineous region between Chazni and Kandhar. What about Rohri, Sukkur, Paskistan or Rohru, Himachal Pradesh?
Rohri Sukkur and Rohru are related to the Ror rather than to the Rohilla

On the other hand, genetically we know that Kalash and Pathan are the closest people to Haryana Ror. I wonder if the same is true for Rohilla

If anybody has any information on their genetics, it would be interesting to compare to the Pathan and Ror

In the 'An enquiry into the ethnography of Afghanistan' Bellew had hypothesized that Rorak khel from Naghar stood for Ror Pratiharas before the advent of Islam. It's really amazing how his thinking makes sense in the light of recent genetic discoveries - for those interested, please refer to the paper 'Genetic ancestry of modern Indus valley populations from north west India' in the December edition of the American journal of human genetics
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Jan 2019
rajputs from that part of the region are mostly called Bais Rajputs.

Bais Rajputs are considered part of Solar race and they are largest Rajput clan in India, famous Isa Khan of Bengal was also a bais Rajput.
I don't know why I'm replying to a troll by anyway, Bais is a single Rajput clan found in Awadh region. They are arguably the most powerful but there are others such as Pundir, Bisen, Durgavanshi etc. Also the Rohillkand region is in Western UP, not in Awadh were the Bais reside.

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