Roland Emmerich supposed to direct a "Battle of Midway" movie


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Oct 2012
Assuming it doesn't get stuck in development hell, it'll be interesting to see a war film based around a naval battle. You don't see too many of those.

I wish they had gone with the Battle off Samar however. Midway had a far more decisive impact on the outcome of the Pacific War, but Taffy 3's battle against overwhelming odds makes for a much better story.

Aug 2018
I am looking forward to seeing what this new Midway movie turns out like. I fear it may be like that old film pacific. I doubt it could rival TORA TORA TORA or Battle of the Japan Sea (1969) Nihonkai daikaisen.
Sep 2012
As a pre-teen youngster, I remember seeing a black & white movie around 1959 or 1960, titled ' Battle of the Coral Sea ' in the city of Pune ( aka Poona ), located in the southwestern Indian state of Maharashtra. This battle was also one of the big engagements between the US Navy and the IJN.


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Apr 2011
Georgia, USA
Sometimes you can just see bad idea movies coming a mile off.

Like The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp as Tonto.

He'll probably cast Jennifer Lawrence as the head nurse on the Yorktown who has a torrid love affair with a dashing pilot and end up re-making the last act of Titanic.
Dec 2018
Problem with portraying battles like Midway is there's very little action by Hollywood standards and is very hard to depict these types of naval actions on film.

It's not ship on ship actions like Pirates of the Caribbean but more like a long game of hide and seek.

Military bluffs will love it but in the age of comic book films it's going to be hard to pull off.

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