Roman and Gothic Atlantic fleets


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Nov 2010
As far as the Visigoths go, they aren't really known for 'warships' (not that we know anyway). The (4) ships that ferried Tariq's berbers over from Ceuta in 711 are said to have defected from the Empire, along with Ceuta itself and it's ruler. Prvious incursions by arabs and by the Empire were repelled on land. The Visigoths never conquered/took over the Balearic islands, not even after the demise of firstly the Vandals (sea warriors) and secondly the Empire, which suggests a remarkable lack of interest or the means to do it.

Trade however - the trade routes were quite strong all the way from the Eastern Med to Hispania, largely promoted by the jewish merchant community in the Hispanic seaports, and such trade routes also went sort of through Spain and up to Northern Europe and Britain. Couple of things brought about the reduction/end of this ideal - firstly the rise of the arab empire swallowed up the trading partners in the east. Secondly the increasing persecution of the jews brought about the end of their economic communities and their very existence became illegal - all this contributing to the collapsing state of the Visigoths toward the end of their reign - with a nose-diving economy adding to all their other problems!
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