Roman Inventions that Changed the World

Dec 2017
Rome was a prosperous and powerful empire. With a very long history of the great civilization, there are still remnants of that history we can see even today. There are several Roman inventions still used in our culture. Some of them are

Romans invented the concept of roads. Before them, streets and roads weren't paved and planned. Planned roads were a major reason that Romans were able to win over European and Meditteranian lands. Roads also helped improve trade relations within and outside the empire.

Julian or Gregorian calendar was invented and implemented by Julius Caesar. It was the first calendar based on scientific facts, astrology and maths rather than plain superstitions. The calendar has went under several changes from the time it was first invented. Still Gregorian calendar is used all over the world as the primary means to check and measure dates.

Sanitation System
Though debatable, it is said that Romans invented sewers and sanitation system. Romans used underground sewer system in a grid pattern. Each house had a separate gutter and all were connected through a single line underground.

Vitruvius in 25 BC wrote a book where he differentiated types of lime mortars. With time, the concrete changed with time to improve drying time and strength.

Number System
Everyone knows Roman numerals. Before India invented zero, Roman numerals were used to calculate all astronomical equations and other calculations. These were adopted in most of the Europe to carry out any numbers based calculation. After zero, these numerals were modified as our current number system.

Law and Order
Laws like Habeas Corpus and Pro Bono were invented in Rome, which are still used by us. Rome’s legislature was governed by the twelve tables. The tables contained code of conduct and were considered as the constitution.

Modern day postal system was invented by Romans. Under the rule of Augustus Caesar, a formal postal service came into existence called as Cursus Publicus.


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