Romans in London?

Jun 2006
Montana Mountains
What do you think would have happened if the Romans had half abonded the Western Empire and moved the capital to London?
Jun 2006
I don't think they Romans would have been able to control their western empire from so far away in London.

They possibly could have been split in two right down the middle by germanic armies. The two halves would then go their separate ways.


Historum Emeritas
Aug 2006
Many would-be emperors sprang up in Londinium due to its distance from the rest of the empire and the very large, very volitile garrison. Britannia had a huge amount of soldiers stationed on it, they were needed to keep the population down and keep the Northerners out, but they also could be used by their generals as a way to push their weight in Rome.

I don't believe it could have worked. London was far too distant for Rome to control the Mediterrenean from, plus it was grain from Egypt that fed the capital, so it just wouldn't have been practical.