Romans V Assyrians

May 2009
United States of America
I've just finished listening to the War of the Worlds audiobook and I loved the plot so I'm planning to buy several books by H.G. Wells.
Jun 2008
The Assyrians utilised advanced technology: siege towers, catapults and battering rams covered in iron plates. Unlike their contemporaries they had armor made of iron and coordinated tactics, breaking up formations with their chariots and mounted archers before sending in the infantry.
They have often been described as the Nazis of the ancient world as they were constantly at war with their neighbors in a bid for expansion and were the first to commit genocide against those who rebelled: razeing towns to the ground, poisoning the soil, ripping open pregnant women, flaying, mutilating, beheading, torturing and impaling prisoners and taking entire nations from their homeland and enslaving them. They were feared by the other ancient civilisations as they were the first to wage total war.
Could they be the force tough enough to take on the Romans?
Sound like decent fellows, however though no one can ever take on Rome when under sound leadership let alone beat it.
Jan 2008
Chile, Santiago
When the cowboys and Arabs draw down on each other at noon in the cool dusty air of the city boardroom will you stand by a passive spectator of the market dictators?