Rome is overrated (except in military)

Oct 2007
New York, NY
Overrated? I would strongly opine no; the roads we take for granted nowadays, legal contracts drawn up, the civil buildings and sports arenas we are in awe of, etc., etc. Perhaps most of all, the legacy of the word is as profound and prevalent of any civilizations’ contributions to posterity, at least in the West. Whatever the nature of any precedent, particularly from the Greeks, Rome seemed to acknowledge her admiration for other cultures’ achievements, hence her mastery of application and refinement. For all the nasty thing manifest we may find among the Ancient Romans, I could never agree that she is overrated on a non martial basis. This is one reason I like Hannibal so much, superfluous to mention: he basically foresaw this coming, and that rising Rome impeded his homeland’s ability to progress, he tried to stop them.

But as so often, such a thread spurs terrific input from the contributors 👍

James :)