Rome's Greatest Enemy

Nov 2010
The Germans would eventually become the biggest enemy to Rome, but post-Teutoberg, they weren't that terrible of a threat. Perhaps Teutoberg curbed colonial ambitions, but if it was Rome's top goal to conquer Germania, they would've tried again.

The Romans womped on the Germans for another 200 years, inflicting some pretty heavy defeats on them. It wasn't until the Germans got stronger- and the Romans weaker- that they were finally able to cause serious damage to the Empire.
Just as a matter of interest - in the run up to Vouille (507), the Visigoths referred to the Franks as 'the Germans'



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Rome’s greatest enemy was probably Constantinople. In the last stages of the Empire , Constantinople was instrumental in manipulating the downfall of the economy - and even invaded the West under Justinian. Afterward, in the Middle Ages, Constantinople was constantly at odds with Rome - especially when Charlemagne crowned himself Emperor, as well as the Great Schism and the fourth crusade.
Justinian was the ruler of Rome and rightful ruler of the West. He didn't invade the West any more than Lincoln invaded the South; Justinian crushed revolts and rebellion in the West just as Lincoln crushed rebellion in the South. In the time of Justinian, the barbarian kingdoms in the West were the enemies of Rome.

...But yeah, if you are specifically talking about Rome all the way to the 15th century, then Constantinople was it’s longest term and most destructive rival. In the 13th century, the Roman Catholics defeated the Byzantine Greek East.....
What do you mean by Rome and Constantinople? I assume that the OP meant "the Roman state" when saying "Rome". And thus according to that meaning for most of the middle ages Constantinople was the capital of Rome, and so could not possibly be an enemy of Rome. So whenever there was rivalry between Rome and Constantinople in the middle ages, the city of Rome was the enemy of the state of Rome.

From the founding of Rome to the Fall of Constantinople, who were the top 5 foreign INDIVIDUALS who has given the Romans/Byzantines the most grief?
Note that the question asks for the name of individuals, not groups or places.
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