root reasons for Argentina's decline

Jul 2017
I don't think Argentina has declined at all. In fact from my understanding since getting rid of the military junta in the 80s Argentina is doing quite well for itself. They also have a passable rugby team :)
Hey Belgarion.
Our Pumas could give you a wrong impression of how this country really works. The national rugby team has been managed very seriously since I know about it. Attaching firmly to it's principals (like not allowing profesional game inside the country). Mistakes don't drive to the execution of the person and good moves don't raise a person to the god level. The main victory card is always the team and never one guy. Plus, the anthem is sung with passion!!!
Our football is a better mirror!!! The national team has great players but can't put them right to play any well. We hire coaches in conditions we already know they are not coming to work seriously. And we are always expecting one individual guy to drive us champions.
The final match of the Libertadores de América cup has to be played out of the country because violents won't let it be played here, and nobody goes to prision after that.

There are big peaces of the society that grew up never seeing their parents work, for 2, 3 and even 4 generations now. And that is something we built after getting rid of the military dictatorship.


¡¡¡aguanTe Talleres!!!
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