Royal cadet branches that outshone the main royal branch?

Jun 2017
What ultimately happened to the senior line?
Robert "Curthose," followed his father as duke of Normandy but he was imprisoned by his younger brother (Henry I of England) and died in prison in 1134. His only legitimate son was William "Clito," count of Flanders, who was unable to make good his claim to Normandy and whose entire young life--he died in 1129 (s.p.)-- was dogged by his uncle (Henry I)
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May 2014
Sorry, I hadn't realized it was necessary to state that.
It was just confusing for me considering that they ruled over Sweden. Thus, I was initially unsure as to whether you were referring to France or Sweden here.
Oct 2018
One might view the Constantinian Dynasty as a cadet branch of the Tetrarchic Dynasty, which was indeed a dynasty in the sense that the emperors were inter-connected through ties of adoption, marriage, metaphor and the sharing of nomenclature (most notably Diocletian's nomen Valerius). The Constantinian dynasty was more successful than the Tetrarchic dynasty in the sense that it lasted longer. That being said, both the Tetrarchic and Constantinian dynasties produced very successful emperors (Diocletian, Galerius, Constantine), quite problematic emperors (e.g. Maximian, Constantius II) and bad or incompetent emperors (e.g. Severus II, Constantine II, Constantius Gallus).
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Aug 2015
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The house of Bernadotte in Sweden. The senior lines either dwindled away or returned to the general population.
I don't know what you are talking about re the Bernadotte dynasty which has only reigned for 201 years.

The first Bernadotte was Charles XIV John, a totally unrelated to royalty marshal of France who was adopted by King Charles XIII. Charles XIV John's son was Oscar I, whose oldest son Charles XV was survived only by a daughter, and so his younger brother Oscar II became king. Oscar II's oldest son became King Gustaf V whose oldest son became King Gustav VI Adolf whose oldest son died before him but left an oldest son who became the present King Carl XVI Gustaf. Oscar Ii is the only Bernadotte king of Sweden who was a member of a cadet branch.

Possibly you were thinking about earlier Swedish dynasties.
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