Russia regathers a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union


Ad Honoris
May 2014
What if Russia would have regathered a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

What effects would this have on present-day Russia?

Also, for the record, the scenario that I am thinking of here is having Hitler get killed in 1923. Thus, here is no World War II and no Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the Soviet Union does not expand beyond its 1938 borders. In turn, what this would mean is that even if the Soviet Union eventually collapses and breaks up in this scenario, it would be easier for Russia to pick up the pieces and regather a lot of its lost territories afterwards. After all, in this scenario, heavily nationalistic western Ukraine would remain a part of Poland (and possibly eventually be granted autonomy within Poland) and would thus be unable to influence political developments in the rest of Ukraine--thus making it much easier for the pro-Russian politicians in eastern and southern Ukraine to get their way and to form a renewed union with Russia in the early 21st century.

Anyway, any thoughts on this?


Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
That was in response to the deaths of protesters and to his authoritarian ruling style--not in response to the election itself.
I know there is another thread on this, so I don't wish to derail this one. But there was likely a correlation between the election and its subsequent protests.
BBC News - Pro-Moscow Yanukovych 'to win Ukraine election'

The Ukraine, with its strong Russian minority might enjoy being back in the Russian sphere but everything I read says Poland and the Baltic nations would not. I doubt the Czechs and Slovaks would either. Or Hungary. Or the part of Germany that used to constitute the DDR.