Russian knights

Jan 2020
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i,m 11 years old and i really keen on learning about Russian knights
were the Russian knights better then the Teutonic knights ?
what amour did they use and weapons did they use ?


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Nov 2010
It's not really my subject at all, but it might be worth looking for books about Russian history from the 11th/12th/13th century for a start? You need to sort out where 'Russia' began, as before 1547 it took different forms (and smaller forms). And that was what we might say was after the time of knights etc.

For example Lithuania was obviously pretty big at the time of the Teutonic knights.

Keep up your interest in history


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Oct 2011
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Probably a research about "Russian Knights" should start from the "druzhinnik".

Considering what Muslim authors of chronicles wrote about them [for example Ibn Muskaweyi in X century], they were really tough and strong [and big! At least in the eye of a guy coming from Middle East].

The problem is that it's not sure that the druzhinnik always fought riding a horse [actually also Western Knights fought walking as well, but they had the habit to own horses and to use them in battle]. Anyway, if I have to think to a "class" of Russian warriors comparable with Western Knights in the age of the Teuton Knights, I think to the druzhinnik.
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