Russian Military Music - what song is this?


Ad Honoris
Feb 2011
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[ame=""]Освобождение: Прорыв / Liberation: The Break Through - YouTube[/ame]

From the excellent movie Liberation as discussed on the other thread. The song starts around 1.21:50 into the movie right near the end when my favourite character leans out of the truck and fires a flare into the night sky.

There's a download available with subtitles for those interested, tho I'd really like to know what that song at the end is as it has a natty theme tune. I never really considered Russian military music to sound so catchy, some parts are almost similar to British military music.



Nov 2015
In the film the song by Matvey Blanter (music) and Yevgeny Dolmatovsky (poems) “My Beloved” (1942) sounds.

Патриотические «Моя любимая» - текст и слова песни в караоке на

In another performance, it sounds here

And the film itself or rather the film epic (киноэпопея), as they called it in the Soviet Union was shot on a grand scale. A huge budget, the massive involvement of the units of the Soviet army in the filming, etc. By itself, it’s shot well. However, the film is very propaganda.

For example, this (second) series begins with the announcer - the Giant Battle of Kursk changed the balance of power in Europe. Anglo-American troops rushed to land in Sicily

In fact, the landing in Sicily was in no way connected with the battle of Kursk. Moreover, this landing forced the German command to urgently transfer a number of divisions from Kursk to the West. And this sharply weakened the opposition of the Germans to the Russians in this battle.

From Sicily to Germany it was much closer than from Kursk, and the German leadership was well aware of this. But this is a separate issue.