Russian Tsar Nicholas II experiences a severe head injury in 1894 and acquires a Hitler-like personality



Ad Honoris
May 2014
Note: This scenario is theoretically at least a tiny bit plausible since head injuries could theoretically (though perhaps rarely) significantly change one's personality and since this scenario doesn't actually involve any Alien Space Bats. Anyway, though, here goes:

What if Russian Tsar Nicholas II would have experienced a severe head injury in late 1894 (shortly after becoming Russian Tsar) and thus acquiring a Hitler-like personality--as in, rabidly anti-Semitic, eager for Lebensraum and mass colonization (but of Russians/Slavs rather than Germans), having totalitarian and militaristic inclinations, et cetera.

How would this version of Nicholas II have governed Russia? Basically, in this scenario, we see a Russian version of Hitler, but almost half a century earlier and with a much more populous and much larger but also much less industrialized country (and also one with a lot more Jews than Nazi Germany had).

Anyway, any thoughts on this?