Saddest music you've heard


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
I posted this on the first page of the thread "Modern little known musical gems." However it certainly fits this thread too. It comes from Corpse Bride, written by Danny Elfman. He knows the dark side very well it seems.

Dec 2011
I find that most of the contributions on here are just solemn, not particularly sad.

Listen to the master Tchaikovsky, and his Symphony number 6, final movement. The last work of his life, the orchestra begins with a wail, continues to into racking sobs, becomes funereal, and ends with the slowing and final cessation of a beating heart.

In fact I advise anyone who is now sad or lonely not to listen to it.

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Yeah, I think it's a very personal thing.

I mean, a Mozart minuet moved me to tears. I'm also moved by the Chopin Nocturne in C minor.

Perhaps it's like odours, which can be very evocative. I think that's why nostalgia radio stations are so popular; I hear a song, and think"I was doing so-and-such or indeed, what's her name"

I couldn't listen to "Ferry Across The Mersey' For over a decade without feeling sad; it reminded me my 'first love',which ended.

This week I've been watching more Irish folk music clips on Youtube. Still think it can be depressing. Others may find it trite or maudlin.

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
I don't know if this is the minuet you're talking about, but it is a very unusual Mozart piece.

That's a lovely piece, but not the one. Although I can still hear bits in my head, it was over 40 year ago, so I have probably misremembered.Thank you for taking the trouble to try to find it.

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