Say you are the benevolent dictator of Zaire.......

Nov 2014
Say you are the benevolent dictator or Zaire, how would you set about to bring the country to developed world status within 50 years, say your target is a standard of living equivalent to Slovenia or the Czech Republic, how would you do it, aside from the no brainers like using mining royalties to binge out on infrastructure and social services, plus maybe hire mercenaries to safeguard the mines, plus building a lot of dams to take advatage of its hydro potential.
Oct 2016
free education so everyone can read / write
infrastructure. network of good highways.
security. have non-corrupt police patrol those highways.
make sure the top one percent or so don't end up with all the wealth.
the equivalent of FDA to verify consumer products are safe and healthy.
ditto UL. no cheap third-world machinery that blows up when plugged in.
bring in some agriculture consultants to look at the soil and resources and work on sustainable crops. be willing to spend some $ to import fertilizer / soil treatment without becoming over dependent on same.
with that, work with local farmers and ag teachers to save and develop local foodstuffs.
suppose a certain valley has grown millet over the years. are they stupid third-worlders that don't know, or can't afford, wheat/corn/rice? or might there be a reason for the crop choice (weather, moisture, soil conditions etc). will more water / fertilizer allow a different food?
Oct 2016
make sure the provinces share the wealth. make sure the smaller cities have amenities (reliable electricity, internet, housing) so the people won't overcrowd the capital.

utilities should be a no-brainer. reliable electric grid should be one of the first things on the list.
Mar 2018
First thing to do is to secure you're power base. That way, you can start removing all the layers of corruption which plague every effort to speed up development of 3rd world countries. Getting rid of corrupt officials in the government/state/police/army/judiciary/ect... will piss a lot of very powerful people off, so you better have a plan to not get stabbed in the back. Once that's done (or as you're doing it) you need to get some of the wealth created right at the lowest level of society, while keeping enough in your coffers to build civic institutions and public society. NGOs will greatly help with the former, but they might hinder developing a self-sufficient administration and civil service, so you should be careful.

The hardest thing will be developing democracy so you can have a peaceful handover, while yourself remaining a dictator.
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