Scary and Shocking Environmental Report

Oct 2013
...No; rather, it's the hope and promise of a better life. It's similar to what motivated several million Blacks to leave the Southern US in the 20th century in order to escape Jim Crow and take advantage of better economic opportunities in other parts of the US.
Sometimes it isn't even about a better life but just about life. Now, as so many times before, "leftism" or other ideologies hasn't a lot to do with it.

(check a bit what's happening these days in Sudan, for example).
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Ad Honorem
Sep 2013
It's a bit ironic that the Left who is so anti-global warming might also be very pro-immigration. Moving a lot of people from the Third World to the First World--while significantly improving their lives--also helps contribute to global warming as a result of the much higher carbon emissions that these people are going to generate after they will move to the First World.
If you’ve think there’s been a lot of immigration from the Third to the First then wait and see how much movement of people there will be if global warming makes a large proportion of the world uninhabitable.

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