Scary people in history

Hi! I need a list of the most scary people in history. Maybe four or five? It's for a novel that i'm writing. Any time or place is fine, as are widely known people. I have a few in mind but i want to see who is suggested before i post them. Thanks!


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Dec 2009
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Vlad the impaler
Jack the Ripper
Joseph Mengele
Ivan the Terrible
Joseph Stalin
Jan 2010
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Countess Elizabeth Báthory: Every time I read an article on her or watch a documentary I get really apprehensive. She was just...there are no words coming to me at the moment.


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Mar 2008
On a mountain top in Costa Rica. yeah...I win!!
Vlad the Bureaucrat
Jack the Bureaucrat
Ivan the Bureaucrat

and dang it! all the rest of them.


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Oct 2009
Uday Hussein
Lavrentiy Beria
Rasputin and Timur are good answers! I don't suppose I have much to add to this discussion, I would say the above in addition to Hitler and Vlad.

But I'll add a few...of all the Roman emperors, I would say Caligula was the scariest, closely followed by Domitian and Caracalla.

Actually, Elagabalus was very scary, but for different reasons...:rolleyes:

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