Scientists Use Snails to Trace Stone Age Trade Routes in Europe

Jun 2013
West Palm Beach, Fl
They went further then Europe. Read Charles Hapgood's book, MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS. They travelers around the world and mapped Antarctica before it was covered with ice. All the world maps of the 16th, 17th. and 18th centuries. And the famous Piri Reis Map which was a copy of the one used by Columbus and showed most of Central and South America was made in the time of Alexander the Great.


Ad Honorem
Oct 2012
Between a rock and a hard place
as a species, we were impacting the Earth’s biodiversity long before we could’ve possibly realized it.

Sounds highly plausible to me. It seems sensible to suppose that plant seeds were sometimes sistributed in the same manner.
Dec 2010
Based on the article, the likely explanation is bunches of those snails were hauled to Ireland as a food source. What surprised me was that 8000 years ago traveling to and from Ireland was done at all, let alone routinely. Between real hazards at sea, and whatever ominous myths were in vogue, it'd take some mighty bold people to make that journey.