Searching for quote warning about progressives

May 2008
I read a quote somewhere, I think it was in a correspondence between leaders or a leader and his advisors.

I want to say it was czarist Russia, but it could have been Thai monarchs. It was definitely Eurasia, not the Americas. I have a sense it was from the first half of the 20th century, maybe the beginning, but I have a feeling it didn't pre-date the mid-19th century.

The quote said something to the effect of warning the incumbent or incoming leader that progressives have to be appeased now and then, because by nature they're troublemakers (my paraphrase, can't remember original) while conservatives, on the other hand, can be dicked over as a price for abiding the progressives, since conservatives are by nature going to stay loyal to the state and leader anyway.

Google sucks me into Brainyquote and Goodreads, which have worn me down now.

Any help identifying or suggesting where to find the quote greatly appreciated.


Ad Honorem
Dec 2011
Iowa USA
Given that you have opened the nation of the original quote to all Eurasia: perhaps if you search Otto von Bismarck you can get satisfaction to this quest.

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