Second congo war -- the true forgotten war.

Mar 2011
According to Wikipedia, the second Congo war is the most bloody battle since WWII. Now the Kony2012 campaign has given attention to Uganda, why hasn't the Second Congo war be given more attention?

Does anyone want to express their thoughts on this forgotten conflict

Bart Dale

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Dec 2009
A I think the lack of knowledge about this war stems from several factors
- It occured in area that was both difficult and dangerous for outside journalist to get to report on. It was further to go, and there were fewer airports for a journalist to fly to get to the Congo. It is easier for a reporter to go to the Cairo, or Damascus, than to get to the Congo. Also, facilities for sending televised pictures of the fighting back are less than, for example, Lybia.

- The fighting was smaller scale and widespread - there were no large scale battles, or sieges of city, such as you see in Syria, that would attract media attention.

- There were no "good guys" in the conflict. All sides of the conflict were guilty of atrocities. The government was bad, but so were the insurgents.

- There wasn't much that the West could do, other take control of the entire area. Most of the fighting and atrocities were being commited by poorly controled militias and other irregular forces by both sides, rather than by soldiers of the regular army, so it was hard to put pressure on one side or the other to control the fighting or the atrocities being committed. The involved of outside African countries made it very problematic for Western poweres to get involved, since they could end up directly fighting soldiers from one African country or the other, something most western powers would be very reluctant to do.


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Oct 2010
I came across it about a year ago and was quite surprised that I hadn't heard of it before then. Hopefully this lack of focus on African conflicts is changing.


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Feb 2012
I don't think the Second Congo War was literally forgotten. But yes, the media did downplay this conflict very much.