Secret mission on D-Day


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Jan 2017
The Essex Scottish lost 90% only 52 out of 553 returned
the Fusiliers Mont Royal lost 459 out of 584 and 27 officers out of 31
the royal Hamilton losses were372 out of 582 half of the men returning were wounded including the only officer to survive the landing
the Cameron and the Saskatchewan took combined losses of 685 out of 1065
the Royal Canadian lost 94%

The destroyers bringing back the survivors were crowded with the wounded and dying
the whole operation from its inception to its epilogue was a perfect textbook of a disaster in the making
this in spite of highly trained and motivated men and officers who displayed extraordinary courage and will

non less than on Yellow beach where 3rd Commando with 570 men were tasked with silencing the 170 mm guns
due to a serie of mishap , including engaging in a sea battle because nobody had told them an escorted German convoy was transiting at the time
the force amounted to 18 men of LCP 15 led by major peter Young who decided to proceed anyway .
he succeeded in driving the fortified battery and its battalion size defenders so frazed that they even turned one of the 170mm on them
which made him purr with delight at disrupting their fire plan .
finally after one hour and an half ,having run out of ammunition , with daylight exposing their meager force and Germans coming from everywhere
he decided to withdraw , later commenting
.." I went in with 18 men ,did the job and came back with 18 "
Oct 2015
After 1942 and the 'Commando Order' any caught from such a unit would be executed anyway.

I am not aware that the order had any effect on the Commandos at all.
It had the effect that captured commandoes were executed, but it didn't stop any special operations from being put into action as far as I know.
If you were the decision maker for such things, and you felt an almost suicidal commando attack, or whatever would be extremely helpful on D-Day consisting
of twelve enlisted men, a non-com, and an officer, would you feel it necessary to have the enlisted men be violent criminals or do you think
amongst all the USA soldiers in the the UK you could find 12 good men willing to volunteer to almost be guarenteed to die for the cause?

You mean like the movie the dirty dozen?



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Jul 2011
Such a scenario is only credible in a movie. In real life special operations personnel are levelheaded team players, which, as pointed out above, excludes most criminals. As for the suicidal aspect, even though the danger was extreme the group would not plan it as a suicide mission. There would always be an extraction plan no matter how dangerous the mission.
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