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Dec 2015
Eastern Europe

I am a final year student of history in glorious eastern Europe university. I am a few months shy of having to sustain my bachelor's thesis and i am in a bit of a pickle…
I want to write the thesis in the domain of medieval archaeology but I find myself in trouble of making my mind upon one subject.
What I ask of you sirs is to give me an idea, a subject, just that. A siege, remnants of an old town, something interesting (that has been attested archaeologically). The only things I could come up with are "Religious tolerance in the Norman realm" or some stuff on a local battle, but these ideas seem too general and boring to me.

I kindly seek your advice.


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May 2013
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I should think that the center of your focus on how your own country waxed and waned in comparison to Byzantium. When and how did the Eastern Roman Empire affect the lives of your ancestors? Did they abandon tribal organizations to adopt a larger national identity? What role did the Orthodox Church play in the of your region between the 5th and 16th century? You might want to look at how the archaeological evidence supports or undermines your thesis. Here's a question for you, "Why didn't Eastern Europe do more to defend Constantinople from expanding Islamic conquest?"

This is the question that I would be most interested in, "The history of Plague in your country between the 5th and 16th centuries. Research, analyze and write it well, and I'm sure you would interest many of us here on Historium.