Seljuks vs Ghaznavids

Dec 2018
It seems Ghaznavids lost every battle against seljuks starting from battle of dandanquan in Central Asia.

Ghaznavids were Slaves of Persian Samanids of Central Asia and it seems they were persianized Turks by the time they got their own kingdom.

Seljuks we're a tribe of Oghuz Turks from East Caspian sea who migrated into Ghaznavids empire in droves for some reason.

In first battle they destroyed Ghaznavids and later conquered almost all of modern day Iran From Ghaznavids while Ghaznavids only had parts of Afghanistan, Balochistan and punjab under their control.

Later seljuks even vassalized Ghaznavids and for some reason they were able to get indipendence from their seljuks mastars and rule their empire until ghurids reballed and took over their empire.

Their capital was moved to lahur and as far as I know same seljuks came in support to Ghaznavids against ghurids.

My question is, How Seljuks were able to defeat Ghaznavids and later take over whole Iran from their control ?

and how Ghaznavids bacame vassals of Seljuks and how they got their indipendence ?

@Azad67 @Midas
Dec 2018
In the battle of Dandanaqan Seljucks used a scorcered earth tactic to weak the Ghaznavid army and then to defeat it.
So after that battle they got whole of Iran under their control ?

Alex and Khalid bin Walid had to fight number of battles to conquer Iran one territory by one territory.

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