Separating History from Myth: Scotland


Historum Emeritas
Jul 2008
Yes it is real. It is a place with hills, mountains, fields and water and people live there trying to get by as best they can. The same in fact as every other place on earth. Everything else apart from that is myths.
Scottish Highlands have been depicted many a time as places straight out of fantasy in Bollywood movies.
Oct 2007
Southern Vermont
Albion is the oldest recorded name of the British Isles, Alba is the Scottish Gaelic derivation, but Albion isn't Brythonic, its much older. Etymologically it presumed to be from a Proto-Celtic stem *Alb-i̯en-. Together with other toponyms such as Alpes it may either derive from a Proto-Indo-European root *albh- "white", or may be of pre-Indo-European origin.

Alba is cognate to the Irish Albain, the Welsh Yr Alban and the Manx Nalbin.
Thanks for the clarification.