Jan 2008
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Shakespeare, perhaps the greatest writer in history,
In his day was known as a master of good plays.
The theater gave him the freedom to create
And in turn he put hearts and souls a blaze.​

Far from the world of the stage
Shakespeare was born in April of 1564.
In the little English town called Stratford
With several sisters and brothers after and before.​

All the boys went to the same grammar school
As soon as they could read and write.
Where the only subject taught was Latin
Which was of little use to those born bright.​

At 18 he married a woman named Anne Hathaway
Who was 8 years older than he.
The daughter of a neighboring farmer
Who bore his children, with twins, made three.​

In 7 years he was a successful actor
After starting his career at 21.
Only the best actors found work in London
And by the grace a God Shakespeare was one.​

Many actors of the period were playwrights
And Shakespeare was one of the best.
His greatest success was Henry VI,
Which placed him above the rest.​

Shakespeare turned to another kind of writing
When because of a plague London theaters had to close.
He wrote two narrative poems greatly admired by the critics
Though to be famous as a poet, he never wanted or chose.​

He in stead, turned back to the life of the stage
As soon as the theaters reopened again.
He joined an acting company until he retired
Writing plays for the Chamberlain’s Men.​

Shakespeare died in 1616
And was buried in his local church back home.
Where he had been baptized 52 years before
He lies in his grave silent and alone.​


When Columbus sailed into the unknown
It was not to prove that the earth was round.
He wished to find a sea route to Asia
Where gold, jewels and spices were to be found.​

Columbus was born in 1451
And was the son of a weaver of wool.
With is heart set on dreams and adventures
He listened to yarns, till his ears were full.​

At 14 he sailed the Italian cost
And studied map making and geography.
Later he married a captain’s daughter
Who's dad had maps and charts of life at sea.​

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Decided to grant him three crew filled ships.
On August the 3rd of 1492
His tiny fleet sailed with prayers on their lips.​

The months passed by and no land was sighted.
Though his ships had traveled three thousand miles.
At two am on October the 12th
A sailor shouted "land" with tears and smiles.​

The entire voyage took 224 days
Till he was safe, back in Spain once again.
After three more trips into the New World.
He died not knowing where he had been.​


Born in Britain late in the forth century
Young Patrick's father was a deacon of the church.
Victim of raiders coming ashore at night
He was taken beyond his families search.​

One of the most famous saints of old Ireland
Who was kidnapped by slave traders at sixteen.
A shepherd boy living a life of misery
Among pagan captors who chose to be mean.​

His religious beliefs through hardships deepen
And a truly devout young man he became.
Till one night while sleeping he heard his Lord's voice
Commanding him to return home without shame.​

Fleeing, he made his way back to his people
And later he studied the priesthood in France.
Returning to Ireland as a bishop
He became a legend of song and dance.​

He compared the shamrock to trinity
And drove Irelands snakes away without fear.
Today most people celebrate his sainthood
By way of parades, parties, cheer and beer!​

By Tom Zart​

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