Shilling a podcast about the Hellenistic Era

Aug 2018
United States
Hi there Historum, I have recently been working on a podcast entitled "The Hellenistic Age Podcast" for the last few months. As the name implies, its focus is about the historical time period in Eurasian history roughly between 323-31 B.C., which is not entirely true since I'm covering the life and campaigns of Alexander the Great at the moment.

I feel that this era is well known of, but poorly understood. My main personal interes in history has always laid with the Roman Republic/Empire, but the Hellenistic period seems underrepresented compared to how many rich cultures and states populate it, so I thought I could learn more in-depth about this period and teach others about it as well!

I didn't want to ape someone like Mike Duncan, so I won't be doing strictly political narratives, but I want to go in depth about niche topics, social and cultural developments, religion, art, philosophy etc. I am looking for feedback for my episode structure and style, and I will fully admit that my first few episodes stink, but they do get significantly better from episode 5 onward.

So please, if you can take a moment of your time, check out one or two episodes and see what you think. You can listen on iTunes or SoundCloud .

I greatly appreciate any thoughts or feedback!