Ship speed during Golden age of piracy 1700-1725

Oct 2019
Hello, I'm building a board game with a pirate theme. It's easy to find information about ships when it comes to cannons, length, masts and sails, men onboard, weight etc. But when it comes to speed I find nothing. The calculation for Hull-speed does not help me in this case (Hull Speed in Knots = 1.34 * √(Boat's Waterline Length) ). Pirates often used smaller and faster ships like Sloops and Brigantine to chase down bigger and slower ships. That renders the Hull speed formula useless since it gives a higher speed value for bigger ships. I don't need exact figures. I just need some point of reference so I can compare English and Spanish warships (Spanish were more advanced at this time I believe) and Sloops and Brigantines. Other ship types as well. The speed value a ship can have in the game is between 1 and 10. No exact value is needed. All I need is a decent comparison between different ship types.

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Oct 2011
These might be useful:
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