Should African kingdoms learnt to develop stolen gunpower tech?


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Jun 2015
Saw the Asante (in modern Ghana) and Benin (in modern Nigeria, and not the modern state with the same name), both of whom were defeated by the British during the Scramble for Africa. But would this have been halted had they both seized arms, and learnt how to make gunpowder?


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Oct 2012
Des Moines, Iowa
They already manufactured their own gunpowder and muskets. The problem was that by the late 19th century, several countries in Western Europe had underwent industrialization and both the quality and quantity of their weaponry far outstripped that of any African state. Artisans in Asante and Benin were perfectly capable of preparing gunpowder and making blunderbusses, but manufacturing Maxim guns and the like was beyond the capability of everyone except the industrialized Western European nations.