Should Europeans offer their apologies for their colonization?

Should the European apologize for their colonization?

  • Yes

    Votes: 29 11.5%
  • No

    Votes: 147 58.3%
  • No, but educate the European children more about this subject

    Votes: 76 30.2%

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Sep 2010
Somewhere in the former First French Empire
Why are their still a lot of countries who still want payments or apologizes from their old colonizers. What is the use? Of course slavery is a bad thing, but the average European has changed and I see really no use in offering an apologize. What is your opinion about this? Should the Europeans offer their apology or do you find the idea ridiculous?
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Ad Honorem
Mar 2011
It's history,all countries have done something bad in their past.
If we all start apologising it will get bloody confusing !!
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Ri Fhionngaill

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Apr 2010
Loch na Seilg, Alba
No. We didn't do anything exceptional. We were just better at it. And we left a lot of good things, too, other than wholesale destruction. None of the people that these countries want to apologise were alive back then, so we're apologising for what dead people did to other dead people in a world that no longer exists. About as pointless an exercise as could ever be conceived.


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Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
Agree with Ri absolutely on this. It is utterly meaningless to aopolgize for what one's forebears may have done in a completely different world.
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Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
only the colonizer countries should for the crimes committed on their colonies but dont put the blame on those European countries who were not involved in it.
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Sep 2011
Every single race, culture, nation has had wars. Just because some nations have been better at war than others does not make that nation have less morals....

Also have you ever heard the saying 'war builds empires'? or something along those lines.... I am sure someone will correct me. :)

Shall the Brits ask for an apology from Rome? After all... who needs roads, sewers,toilets etc... lets give it all back and get our apology!
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May 2011
Macedonia, Eastern Roman Empire
What about us, should we apologize about the colonization of Italy or Syria?:lol:


Ad Honorem
Aug 2011
No... Immeasurable (I'm sure it is measurable to some degree), things shouldn't be paid back.

The citizens born today were not the ones enslaving anyone in colonies. Why should innocents pay?

On that note... maybe everybody should be paying the Wright Brothers royalty fees for building airplanes?

Or maybe everyone should be paying Britain for the right to make and bake crumpets?