Should Europeans offer their apologies for their colonization?

Should the European apologize for their colonization?

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  • No, but educate the European children more about this subject

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"Non-Europeans never demand that other conquerors should offer their apologies!"

1) Not completely true. If this were the case, no Hindu fascist sectarianism in India would exist, the same fascist sectarians who demand that Muslims apologise for the conquests of India or parts of it, even pay reparations. They have elected Hindu fascist Narendra Modi twice in a row already. The Chinese and Koreans also demand Japan its apologies for Japanese colonialism against them. Pretty sure Han chauvinists in China have said that Mongols should pay reparations by getting completely annexed by the Chinese. Hong Kongers are also accusing China of "colonialism". In Taiwan, the indigenous non-Chinese Taiwanese also demand reparations from China, not from Europe. In the Middle East, Arab Christians are far more likely to see Europeans as liberators than as colonial invaders and ravagers. This view even contributed to the Lebanese Civil War. The same view exists among many Arab Jews in regard to European Jews In israel.

2) No other people conquered nearly as much as Europeans. They're the master conquerors. Rounding up all European colonial powers, they conquered and colonised 90% of the world's landmass, and the 10% that wasn't directly colonised like Japan, China, Turkey and Iran was still subjected to a subordinate status and ravaged by European wars in their soil. European colonialism is markedly different from previous conquests. Moreover, European colonialists are the greatest mass murderers as well. Shashi Tharoor estimates that the British killed 50 million people in India in the 19th century alone, while Noam Chomsky said that India lost 100 million people during the 20th century, about half of it during the period that India was still under British colonial rule. Of course, the Native American genocide is another example. Confer also to the Belgian colonisation of Congo, and similar death tolls should have occurred elsewhere such as in Nigeria and South Africa.

"Asiatics should offer their apologies! Look at the Persians, the Huns, the Arabs, the Mongols or the Turks! European colonialism against them was simply a justified defensive war!"

This view is hogwash because not even all Asiatics invaded Europe, and Asiatics only ravaged or conquered parts of Europe, mainly southern and eastern Europe. The English, for example, were never invaded by a single Asiatic army. Indians and Chinese never invaded Europe except as part of Persian and Mongol armies after they had been subjugated by these foreigners. Northern Asians obviously never invaded Europe either. More to the point, the rest of the world outside of Asia did not attack Europe as well. Africans, Oceanians and Americans never once invaded Europe, so this excuse doesn't even work with a vast portion of the world's population. And of course, you don't justify genocide just because genocide was perpetrated against you. You are justified in defending yourself and kicking back attackers but that's it. At best, you can come and render useless the means of invasion of your attacker by taking the fight against them, but you stop at that. You don't conquer the lands of the people they rule and much less kill or subjugate them en masse. To put an example, it's okay for the French to have defeated the Muslim invasion from Spain at Tours. It wasn't okay, however, for France to conquer and colonise Muslim territories just because over 1,000 years earlier Muslims made attempts against French territory. Imagine if you told a Muslim Malian who lost his family to the French that "the French did this because over a thousand years ago Muslims attempted to conquer France". What do Malians from the modern era have to do with Spanish Arabs of the early Middle Ages? See the idiocy and outright evil immorality in this?

Others try to justify certain European conquests because of their immediate danger. For instance, I've seen people justify the French conquest and colonisation of Algeria because of Algerian slave raiders, as if the French could only defeat said slavers by conquering and colonising millions of Algerians who had nothing to do and were not at fault for these bands of pirates. Of course, like I said, this excuse doesn't work for the vast majority of territories conquered and colonised by European colonisers (or what, are you now going to say that Aboriginal Australians were also pirating the coast of Europe?), but even in the case of Algeria, the French only needed to work in combination with the Algerian while also strengthening its own coastal borders. Using Algerian slave piracy to justify the wholesale brutal conquest of an entire country is a violation of every basic morality.

"This is nothing but collective punishment for something that happened a long time ago!"

Disregarding that most of the world did not become independent until the last half a century, hardly a "long time ago", no one is doing collective punishment for Europeans either, especially if you're only asking for apologies and not reparations. Apologies come from the states, which are not understood by the non-Europeans to be the whole population of a country. No one is saying the average Dutch is to blame for the millions of deaths from Suriname and South Africa to Papua and New Zealand by Dutch colonial ravage. Only the state of Holland has responsibility. This is as dumb as saying that all Cambodians are to blame for the Cambodian genocide instead of just the Khmer Communists under Pol Pot. And as for reparations, about the only thing that can be said is that this could extract a toll on the average European if bad taxation and use of budgets is applied or if the reparations are too expensive. But with good welfare policies, the average European wouldn't even know that his or her taxes are going for the reparation of damages to ex-colonies. And again, no one is saying that the average European of today is to blame for what European colonialists in the past did.

Also, notice the double standard. No one says that it was wrong for the Germans to pay reparations for the damages to other European countries in WWI and WWII. If Japan were to be extracted reparations by China, I bet a lot of Europeans would be okay with that. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if Communists could somehow pay for reparations for what they supposedly did, a lot of the same people that otherwise complain about reparations towards colonialism would be celebrating. They also never pay attention to the logistics and plausibility of the non-European cases of reparation I mention. They only start mentioning those things when it comes to European colonialism.

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