Should other countries give Uyghurs the option of asylum in order for them to escape Chinese oppression?

Jul 2012
Ah, well, there is one thing:
Traditional Chinese ways of doing this and the Communist Pary DO fundamentally agree on one thing – and that is how an elite of some kind always knows better than the citizens in general. Be it the mandarins of the imperial administration, or CCP officials.

The originally Leninist idea, that the CCP has REALLY adopted, is that the Communist Party must always play a leading role, "guiding" the people. Consequently there can't really be anything like participatory democracy, much less a free forming of public opinion that could form the basis of policymaking – because it is an a priori given the Party always knows best, and nothing but nothing can ever be allowed to challenge that... (And these days within the Party Xi Jinping always knows best, being More Equal than any other functionary.)
I had the Chinese people in mind, rather than their governments. Chinese people had always been characterized by innovativeness and creativity throughout known history. It's because of their governments that are antithetical to this identity, that they became copyists rather than the pioneers, be it in product-designs or in political thoughts.

Communist style collectivism kills creativity.