Should the Gaza Strip expand into the northeastern Sinai Peninsula?

Should the Gaza Strip expand into the northeastern Sinai Peninsula?

  • Yes

  • No

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Ad Honoris
May 2014
Since we have a thread about the Golan Heights even though it involves current politics, I would hope that this thread would also be okay here. Anyway, here goes:

Should the Gaza Strip expand into the northeastern part of the Sinai Peninsula? :

I voted Yes due to the fact that the Gaza Strip is currently overcrowded as heck and thus it would be good for Gaza to have more territory for its people to settle in. Gaza has an extremely high birth rate and without additional territory, Gaza might be at risk of eventually facing a Malthusian catastrophe due to its limited resources and territory. Thus, it would benefit the people of the Gaza Strip for this strip to become significantly larger than it currently is.

As for Egypt, it can be compensated by parts of the Negev Desert at Israel's expense. Egypt doesn't have any large cities in the Sinai Peninsula east of el-Arish and thus it should be relatively easy for Egypt to transfer the northeasternmost corner of the Sinai Peninsula to the Gaza Strip. Egypt already gave away two of its islands to Saudi Arabia, so further territorial cessions shouldn't be completely out of the question for Egypt. As for Israel, it can be compensated for the parts of the Negev that it would give to Egypt in this hypothetical land swap by being allowed to annex the Golan Heights and/or parts of the West Bank (the ones with a lot of Jewish settlement on them).

Also, it's worth noting that ISIS appears to be active in the northeastern part of the Sinai Peninsula and thus this land swap proposal of mine would allow Hamas to fight and destroy ISIS in the Sinai. Looks like a win-win! After all, ISIS will be destroyed in the Sinai and Hamas will also be weakened by this fight.

Any thoughts on this proposal of mine?

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