Should the Illyrian language be brought back? *if possible*

Should the Illyrian language(s) be brought back *if possible*?

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May 2016
I wholeheartedly agree with that. But that doesn't mean that the modern Greeks as a whole can not be related to the people which belonged to that Culture/Language/Civilization in ancient times. They may be to an extent descended by the same mix of peoples who, as we tend to agree, can not be considered a race.
Now, I agree entirely with you. We can draw a somewhat continuous line, because along the centuries there was some cultural and territorial continuity, even if didn’t exist a political continuity.
Jul 2010
At this point in time the majority of the relation is the continuation of the strength of our church as the basis of all Greek people through the world and as me in the diaspora with just as much right by jus sanguini (the law of blood) to repatriate whenever the hell I feel like it. It was the basis point of much of he push for a modern Greek state, and much of what held the glue of the common people together in the Ottoman period if not for the fact they believed in the religion but because it was a social identifier that you weren't a Muslim or a Turk in the period.

Lets be clear the Greek civil war and war of independence caused another 10million people like myself to exist outside of the borders of Greece. Thats an academic figure not a crude estimation. The world wide Greek population is something in the order of 20million even if I am "Australasi" and the people in the homeland don't particularly like people like me, because whatever...

I am not detracting from the strength of the Greek culture I am saying we are not a homogeneous race like some who like to speak in he traditional nationalist rhetoric like to say. There is a continuation that is unbroken but for the majority it was the power of the Greek theocracy that kept it so from my opinion.
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