Should the people of tomorrow admire Che Guevara?


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May 2016
I confess that I recognize some aesthetics value in the t-shirts and wall posters.

But I also recognize some aesthetic values in the military parades in front of the Kremlin during the Soviet Union times, and in the Nazi or Italian fascist parades.

I am also quite fond of left-wing Portuguese protest song.

So I don’t think that we need to enjoy exclusively the aesthetics and art of the political quadrant to which we belong,


By the way, the question "Should the people of tomorrow admire Che Guevara?" is not a question about history. So we are in the wrong forum.
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Oct 2013
Monza, Italy
Well, I ask myself who would want to buy something like that.
As a free-market supporter I have absolutely nothing against tons of Che-guevara being sold all around the world, actually it's a form of marketing which gives jobs to millions of workers too ;)
Apr 2017
Che was pretty much a zealot like character, who smelled like a walking toilet, without much achievements. Fidel Castro was actually a fairly decent man, never really unneccasrily cruel despite all the propaganda. Cuba has a very good medical system with a surplus of doctors (90000 doctors for 11.2 millions) because of Fidel not Che. This is quite a mind-boggling fact about Cuba. This is why Castro died of old while Che died very young and is now a symbol of youthful rebellion
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Jul 2016
I think future generations would benefit from being more passionately opposed to western imperialism than being opposed to a single man.
Yeah! Because the best way to overcome evil governments that try to impose limited govt on the masses is to instead create an autocratic all powerful central govt led by racist murderers! Down with The Man!

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