Should there be reparations given to African-Americans for slavery?

Dec 2011
Mohawk Valley, New York
That's correcting an injustice and has nothing to do with superiority of race.
So the grants and scholarships that are for minorites only are what? My best friend and I grew up two houses from each other had the same grades and went to the same college he got a full ride and I had to pay.. I would say his injustice was corrected...
The blood my ggg father and uncles left on the battlefields while fighting for the Union who pays for my familiies loss.. The hundreds of thousands of minorites who have come to this country since the Civil war do they get a share of this too..
Aug 2012
Greensburg, PA
"It'll never happen, because it's a silly idea."
In a sane world, Botully, your statement would be a given. But Congress routinely subsidizes silly ideas and has done so for generations. Don't be so sure that this silly idea won't gain traction.


Ad Honorem
Jun 2012
The concept holds no merit.

To provide reparations,
1) A party must show that the other party performed some wrong. In this instance the US did not do so. The US government did not own slaves. The ones a party could go after are the assets or estates of slave holders. Slaveholders are dead and their estates have been passed, but regardless, the United States of America created no harm in this instance.

2) A party has to be injured. There are no living former slaves.

Now if you're a former slave that can prove they were once owned by the government of the USA then they could potentially get something. Everything else is just nonsense.