Siberian exiles in Russian America

Sep 2018
I would like to find a bit more information on the subject of Siberian exiles who went to live/work in Russian America between approximately the 1790s-1840s. Does anyone have something on this topic to share?

It seems some Siberian exiles did come to Russian America during this period. When talking about the Russian-American Company, this article states that the company sought to solve manpower shortages by recruiting Siberian exiles:
It does not go into detail unfortunately.

This article mentions a man by name, Semën Krylatskii, who was a Siberian exile sent to Russian America in 1794: Creating a Creole Estate in early nineteenth-century Russian America
Unfortunately I don't have access to the source it quotes for his story.

This article mentions that Grigory Shelikhov (Russian coloniser and merchant) petitioned the Crown to be given artisan and agricultural serf families from among Siberian exiles to be used in Russian America:
Again however, it gives no serious details.

It would be great to find some actual details on Siberian exiles who went to Russian America. For example, whether any families were recruited/sent there, or if it was all single men. Also, whether they were all Russians, or if exiles going to the American colonies included other nationalities of the empire (for example, many Poles were exiled to Siberia during the 18th and 19th centuries).